NY Jets: Drawing Lines In The Sand

2013 New York Jets Training Camp

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The New York Jets have provided plenty of entertainment the past few seasons, while winning a total of zero championships for their fan base. From foot fetishes to butt fumbles, and everything in between, the show has not been limited to just the field of play. This trend figures to continue during the upcoming season with some new characters added to the circus. While maligned quarterback Mark Sanchez will have to fend off the rookie Geno Smith in order to maintain his role as a starter, it is upstairs where the real power struggle will take place. Gone is Mike Tannenbaum, the former cap guru turned General Manager, and security blanket to Head Coach Rex Ryan. Replacing him is newbie John Idzik, jr who comes from the same mold as Tannenbaum, last employed by the Seattle Seahawks as their VP of Football Administration. Where the boisterous Ryan had much in common with Tannenbaum, he and Idzik could not be more different. They both come from fathers who coach, both dads even have been on Jets staffs of the past, but that is where the similarities end. One loves the media attention and will gladly hold court for any open microphone. The other shies from the spotlight happy to be just another face in the crowd. Their relationship this season could very well be the most entertaining, as well as detrimental, aspect to the entire team. Training camp is not even a week old and already you can see the possibility of a volatile environment. When asked about the impending quarterback battle, Ryan initially answered as he always has and that it is solely his decision to make. Idzik then announced that it would be a team decision made collectively and not by any one individual, leading Rex to have to publicly change his stance. A humble Rex Ryan with his tail between his legs is something we have seen in the past, but it has always been for his personal indiscretion, not team related football decisions. The fact that rookie GM Idzik not only has the authority, but also the respect of Owner Woody Johnson, is a telling sign of how Ryan feels about his job security. Woody has not been shy of his man crush on his head coach, and often seems more the employee than the employer. If some of the off-season player acquisitions are not panning out, or the record falls south of .500, expect the real fireworks to begin. Rex will not go down quietly without a fight, and that could pose a huge challenge for any general manager, much less a first year one. Sundays this fall may be the least of the teams worries. And so goes the life of a Jets fan.

2 thoughts on “NY Jets: Drawing Lines In The Sand

  1. is this manish mehta incognito? sure sounds like him. i’ll stay away in the future. stop plugging this junk on real jet blogs. you’re not in the same class. not even close.

    • Not Manish, and not incognito unlike yourself. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I thank you for taking the time to read the article. As a life long Jets fan, and former season ticket holder, I don’t see it as junk but rather a valid argument. A muzzled Rex won’t be the same. Jet blogs are for Jet fans, and as such posted there to get some support for past and future articles. Did you read any others? Maybe you can contribute a Jet column in the future.

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