2013 Fantasy Football: Wide Receiver Rankings

Authors Note (8/18): Initial Projections have been modified, and include TY Hilton, and James Jones, who were previously overlooked. Some adjustments were made to projected receptions, but it had a minimal affect on the rankings as a whole. Please check back as they may change again.

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Day Three of my fantasy rankings and projections brings us to the Wide Receiver’s. Easily the most increased position of importance, it is the one that will make or break your roster. So many variables affect a receivers ability (quarterback play, offensive schemes, ball control, etc) and there are many to choose from. After the handful of studs are gone, who is left that you can deem reliable. As with the previous position rankings, I will focus on bargains that are currently falling on most peoples cheat sheets, as well as players that are going higher than where you should draft them. Keep in mind when doing my projections I assume healthy seasons for all players, and round up what I think their ceiling can be for this season. This is done across the board so it does not affect their ranking on my list. If you are on twitter please add me, and if you have any specific questions you can email them to PeoplezPerspective@gmail.com.

..:: Three Up ::..

Jeremy Kerley, New York Jets

Another player from one of the weaker offensive units in the NFL appears on my Sleepers list, and it is not because I happen to be a Jets fan. Kerley emerged last season as a viable target on a team desperately lacking a top notch receiver. Regardless of who the Jets quarterback is this season, he will be the one wide out that consistently gets open. The return of a healthy Santonio Holmes will only help his value and production. With an ADP of 281 he is someone that is only being drafted in the deepest of leagues. He will be around the Top 30 mark for Wide Receivers and someone you will feel comfortable with as a bye week or injury replacement for one of your regular starters.

Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints

This is the first season Moore will be a starter from day one, and over his time with the Saints he has become one of Drew Brees’ favorite options. It isn’t a big secret that New Orleans loves to throw the ball, and owning the guy who is in line to haul in most of those passes is smart money. His ADP of 96.95 is proof that his tenure in the league has hurt his draft day stock. Do not be the owner who thinks of his past as a marginal third option, but rather his new role which will have him finish near the Top 15 in receivers. He should be drafted much sooner than the start of the 9th round and it is ok to go as high as the 6th for his services.

Tavon Austin, St. Louis Rams

It is hard to put a rookie who has yet to play a down in the league on a list like this, however I firmly believe he will be a valuable commodity this season. His size will always be a question against him, but he also brings a talent that never fails: Speed. The revamped Rams will put a lot of faith in quarterback Sam Bradford this season and Austin will be the main beneficiary. Not including his potential as a kick returner (if you get points for that he is an even better pick) he will fall into the Top 15 Wide Receiver rankings by seasons end. Currently a 6th round pick (70.23 ADP) you can sneak in and grab him by the 5th round.

..:: Three Down ::..

Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins

The success of Robert Griffin III as a passing quarterback has many expecting big things from Garcon. The skills are there but even at his best he will never be an elite receiver. This is not to say he won’t be productive, just do not view him as a 5th round pick which is what you will have to spend to get him (54.87 ADP). If you can get him to fall in your draft to the 7th or 8th round he is worth the gamble, but to reach at five is not smart due to his inconsistencies.

Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers

Playing on the pass happy Packers made Nelson a trendy pick last season, following his breakout 2011 campaign. He failed to live up to those expectations, and you should expect similar numbers this year. An added emphasis to the running game this season, as well as the majority of looks going to Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley will leave Nelson near the Top 30 mark. He is being drafted as a WR2 in the 5th round (53.22) but you can get better bang for your buck elsewhere. Leave him off your draft board and let someone else deal with the frustration of expecting more than what he will give.

DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles

A new coach and a new offense will help to improve Jackson’s disappointing 2012 campaign. Even with the added targets due to the loss of Jeremy Maclin, Jackson will not make enough of an impact to give you any reliability week to week. He will have a great game or two that will make you think you should have taken a flier on him, but drafting him (70.44) will leave you feeling empty more often than not. The name recognition goes beyond the production, draft with caution.

The Peoplez Perspective 2013 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Projections:

* Updated Sunday, August 18, 2013

(Rankings based on PPR, 1 point per 10 yards receiving, 6 points per TD)

Rank Name Team Rec Yards TD’s TOTALS ADP
1 Calvin Johnson DET 110 1760 10 346 5.5
2 Julio Jones ATL 110 1760 8 334 19.3
3 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 110 1540 10 324 25.8
4 Randall Cobb GB 110 1380 10 308 27.3
5 Brandon Marshall CHI 115 1320 10 307 16.3
6 Roddy White ATL 95 1400 8 283 30
7 Dez Bryant DAL 90 1260 10 276 11.8
8 AJ Green CIN 90 1260 8 264 13
9 Victor Cruz NYG 85 1275 8 260.5 33.3
10 Demaryius Thomas DEN 80 1280 8 256 20.5
11 Reggie Wayne IND 90 1200 6 246 47.5
12 Dwayne Bowe KC 90 1080 8 246 41.3
13 Vincent Jackson TB 70 1260 8 244 36.3
14 Andre Johnson HOU 85 1190 6 240 31.3
15 Hakeem Nicks NYG 80 1120 8 240 53.3
16 Lance Moore NO 80 1120 8 240 98.5
17 Tavon Austin STL 75 1280 6 239 75.3
18 Steve Smith CAR 75 1200 6 231 68.5
19 Torrey Smith BAL 65 1040 10 229 62.8
20 Antonio Brown PIT 80 1120 6 228 60
21 Wes Welker DEN 90 990 6 225 40.8
22 Marques Colston NO 80 960 8 224 44.8
23 Danny Amendola NE 105 945 4 223.5 44
24 Mike Wallace MIA 65 1170 6 218 60.8
25 Eric Decker DEN 70 980 8 216 56
26 Justin Blackmon JAC 80 960 6 212 118.8
27 Anquan Boldin SF 80 960 6 212 91
28 Cecil Shorts JAC 65 1040 6 205 80
29 TY Hilton IND 65 1040 6 205 79.8
30 Jordy Nelson GB 65 910 8 204 52.8
31 Mike Williams TB 70 980 6 204 90.5
32 Stevie Johnson BUF 75 975 5 202.5 82
33 Denarius Moore OAK 65 975 6 198.5 132.3
34 Jeremy Kerley NYJ 70 980 4 192 239.7
35 Chris Givens STL 65 975 4 186.5 118.3
36 Miles Austin DAL 60 900 6 186 88.5
37 Golden Tate SEA 70 840 5 184 122.8
38 Brian Hartline MIA 70 980 2 180 145.8
39 Kenny Britt TEN 60 900 5 180 93
40 Rod Streater OAK 65 910 4 180 194
41 Pierre Garcon WAS 60 840 6 180 53.5
42 Brandon LaFell CAR 65 910 4 180 208
43 Julian Edelman NE 75 800 4 179 196.8
44 Greg Little CLE 70 840 4 178 162.7
45 James Jones GB 55 715 8 174.5 70
46 Malcolm Floyd SD 60 900 4 174 183.3
47 DeSean Jackson PHI 50 900 5 170 72.8
48 Josh Gordon CLE 60 840 4 168 94.8
49 Michael Floyd ARI 60 840 4 168 119
50 Sidney Rice SEA 60 840 4 168 132.8

4 thoughts on “2013 Fantasy Football: Wide Receiver Rankings

  1. I don’t think your stat projections are consistent across rankings. I don’t see how you can project Julio Jones and Roddy White for 3240 yards, but Ryan for only 4600. There is presumably another 1,000 yards between Gonzalez and SJax; so that leaves only ~300 yards for other receivers on the Falcons – however anything under 1000 is unrealistically conservative.

    Either your projected stats for Julio and Roddy are way too high, or you think Ryan has a decent shot at breaking the single season passing record this year, and expect him to at least finish 2nd on that list easily breaking 5000 yards. My guess is the former, and I would cut off 400+ yards from Julio and 200+ from Roddy.

    I’d also suggest re-examining what Andre did last year and reconsider ranking a rookie ahead of him.

    • My rankings are assuming healthy seasons for all players, projecting what I think their ceilings can be this season, and are done across the board so it doesn’t affect my overall rankings. While they may appear to be on the optimistic side, I see them as attainable numbers for all. Austin slightly edged out Andre Johnson due to yards per catch average which I think puts him slightly ahead. These are projections and as such there is no certainty with any of it. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, and hope you will often. Thanks for your input.

    • I like TY Hilton as a nice young receiver who has good rapport with Luck. I only did Top 48 (4 rounds of 12) so it’s safe to assume he is either at #49 or #50 on this list. If you look at that range that’s about where he was last year with the numbers I have. I think Heyward-Bey will have a better year than most others do. Plus the addition of Bradshaw and the new offensive scheme will affect Hilton’s ypr which brings his total numbers down a little from last years 17.2

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