My 2013 Auction League Results: An Equal Opportunity Advisor


The 2013 New York Fantasy Football Association Draft is underway

There haven’t been any new posts the past few days, but for good reason; I had my Keeper Auction League Draft on Saturday. I have given a bunch of advice on whom to draft, and who are players of good and poor value. Fair is fair, so have at it with whatever comments you would like.

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Two Singletons, One Team

The New York Fantasy Football Association is entering it’s 7th season, and going strong. Comprised of 14 teams, owned half by Firefighters and half by ‘Regular Joes’, I co-own a franchise with a fellow co-worker. There happen to be only two, yes two, firefighters currently employed by the City of New York who share the same surname as myself. As odds would have it we are assigned to the same house, and you guessed it, he is my co-owner. We entered the NYFFA last season taking over a defunct team, and we came away from the draft unimpressed with our roster. The problem was we were being too nice to each other, and were not definitive enough with who we did and did not want. That is a lesson for any other co-owners to learn from; Do not play nice with your fellow management! This season we planned to adopt a new strategy, take nothing personal, and take no prisoners. As it is a Keeper league, and our roster in such disarray, we were already behind the eight ball. To start, many big names were kept by other owners and were unavailable to be considered for selection. Brees, Rodgers, Luck, Peyton, RG3, Kaepernick, Dalton, Wilson, Romo, Peterson, Richardson, Spiller, Martin, Charles, Richardson, Morris, Lynch, Julio, Cobb, Marshall, Bryant, Green, Thomas, Wayne, Decker were the big name players already off the board.With slim pickings available, the plan was to get solid producers and try to build some depth. The league is structured as follows:

14 Teams, a $300 Salary Cap, and you can keep up to 3 players. Our only keeper was Torrey Smith (WR Baltimore) at $15. The roster is 10 Starters, with an 8 man Bench, and you must draft a complete starting lineup. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex (QB/RB/WR/TE), 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 DST. It is a PPR (Points Per Reception) league, with standard scoring, and 4 points per passing TD.

QB    Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($23)
QB    Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals ($21)
QB    Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans ($10)
RB     DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys ($39)
RB     Ahmad Bradshaw, Indianapolis Colts ($27)
RB     Giovanni Bernard, Cincinnati Bengals ($26)
RB     Ronnie Hillman, Denver Broncos ($17)
RB     Bernard Pierce, Baltimore Ravens ($4)
WR    Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints ($10)
WR    Pierre Garçon, Washington Redskins ($20)
WR    Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens ($15)
WR    Tavon Austin, Saint Louis Rams ($17)
WR    DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans ($12)
WR    Jeremy Kerley, New York Jets ($8)
TE      Jordan Cameron, Cleveland Browns ($16)
TE     Zach Sudfield, New England Patriots ($4)
K       Stephen Gotskowski, New England Patriots ($2)
DST   TB Bucaneers, Tampa Bay ($1)


The “Coveted” Championship Trophy

We left $29 on the board, but that was because we did not think some of the players targeted would be won so cheap (ie Cameron, Sudfield, Hillman, Hopkins, etc). Although we may be a little light at RB, I believe there to be some solid balanced production, and a few trade chips that may come in handy down the road. So there you have it, the results of a draft done by someone who gives advice for other fantasy owners. Feel free to leave your own teams, or comment on this one. I plan to post updates on how this team fares throughout the season, however the results may come. With the cast of characters this league has to offer, the storylines of the names on the rosters are not the only source of entertainment.

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2 thoughts on “My 2013 Auction League Results: An Equal Opportunity Advisor

  1. I am a member of this NYFFA and would also like to post my team. I was able to keep P Manning $43 C Kaepernick $20 and R Cobb $15. Here is my whole team.

    Starting Team
    P Manning 43
    C Kaepernick 20
    F Gore 45
    R Matthews 19
    Calvin Johnson 76
    Andre Johnson 46
    R Cobb 15
    K Rudolph 6
    Janikowski 1
    Patriots 1

    Geno Smith 4
    K Davis 3
    K Hunter 1
    S Draughn 1
    M Hardesty 4
    C Givens 8
    M Wheaton 1
    J Dreesen 1

    So there it is. How did I do? Let the Perspective know he is in trouble. Owwwww

  2. Nice post peeps, although I don’t know how a guy who posts fantasy advice could draft a team that bad! Current champ and trophy holder ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ shows you what a team should look like…

    R Wilson 20 (keeper)
    B. Weeden 34
    T. Pryor 1

    A. Peterson 60 (keeper)
    C.J. Spiller 23 ( keeper)
    J. Dwyer 1
    I. Redman 3
    C. Michael 1

    L. Fitzgerald 50
    R. White 35
    G. Tate 7
    C. Patterson 7
    K. Thompkins 4
    R. Broyles 9

    R. Gronkowski 30
    T. Eifert 4

    S. Hauschka 1

    Seahawks 5

    What are your thoughts? Can you say…REPEAT?!

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