NBA Portfolio: December 2-8

A double dose of Panosians today, as David’s brother Daniel makes his debut. Danny will be providing NBA advice to help your fantasy rosters. Enjoy!

NBA Stock Up/Stock Down

by Danny Panosian

Hey everyone! Each week I will be diving into a few players whose stock has gone up the past week, and conversely whose stock has gone down. Trends in the NBA are always changing, and players’ values can change on any given night. So without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Stock Up

jared sullingerJared Sullinger, Boston Celtics – The second year youngster has stepped up in place of Kelly Olynyk, who injured his ankle a few weeks ago. Over his past 3 games he has averaged about 19 points and 10 boards per game, and has sprinkled in a few assists as well. Not to mention he also makes 3 pointers, and can fill up the stat sheet in defensive categories as well. Even when Olynyk comes back, it’s hard to imagine Brad Stevens turning away from Sullinger after his stellar play of late. If he is available in your league, pick him up immediately!

goran-dragicGoran Dragic, Phoenix Suns – After injuries slowed the start to Dragic’ season, he has been absolutely on fire since. Spanning his last seven games, he has averaged a healthy 22 points, 9 assists, and 3.7 rebounds a game. He also gives you 3 pointers, and can get a few steals as well. Many fantasy owners will point to Eric Bledsoe’s injury as the reason for Dragic’ breakout, but I don’t buy it . I am sure he is not available on any waiver wires, but if the current Dragic owner doesn’t seem to buy his recent breakout, make him an offer.

Stock Down

Tobias HarrisTobias Harris, Orlando Magic – Many fantasy experts (myself included) were expecting a breakout season from Harris this year, as he closed out last season on a tear. But this year has been full of disappointment. He has been hampered by an ankle injury all season, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. He briefly returned to play minimal minutes for one game last week, and the next game was experiencing soreness in that ankle during pregame warm-ups. Subsequently, the Magic decided to shut him down yet again. With the return of Glen Davis last week, things are starting to look even cloudier for Harris. I believe the talent is there to put up great numbers, but his ankle, and Big Baby, might end up hampering his opportunity for the foreseeable future. He is still worthy of a roster spot, but temper your expectations.

Patrick BeverleyPatrick Beverley, Houston Rockets – There was plenty of breakout appeal in Beverley coming into this season, unfortunately it has not played out that way. His balloon was deflated a little to start the season by a rib injury, but he quickly returned to flash his stat-sheet filling potential. However, inconsistency has plagued the young point guard, even though Kevin McHale has given Beverley all the minutes he can handle. Jeremy Lin has also recently suffered a sprained knee and is expected to be out a few weeks. It has been Aaron Brooks, not Beverley, who has stepped up in Lin’s absence. Beverley will have the opportunity to pickup his value again, but I am afraid his inconsistency might end up plaguing him all season.

Please leave any comments you may have below, and be sure to check back next Monday.

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