Pickin’ With Pano: The Super Bowl

First let me say, it has been a pleasure to have David Panosian become a part of the staff here. I hope you have enjoyed reading his column of NFL predictions as much as I have enjoyed writing these intro’s and sharing his picks. With all of that behind us, we have reached the pinnacle of professional sports championships: a one game, winner takes all, battle of the best. There are too many clichés that could ruin the simplicity of this, so I will leave it alone as is. We hope you will continue checking in with PeoplezPerspective.com as we transition over to Baseball. Enjoy the big game, the celebrations with friends, and the commercials. Have fun, and most importantly stay safe. Good Luck with your pick!

Regular Season Record: 21-13
Playoff Record: 4-6
Season Total To Date: 25-19

By David Panosian

super bowl
Seattle Seahawks (+5.5) vs Denver Broncos (-2.5), Super Bowl XLVIII 6:25pm FOX:
The Denver Broncos face off against the Seattle Seahawks in what I expect to be a very exciting Super Bowl, with a number of compelling storylines. Will Peyton Manning be able to become the first Quarterback to lead two different teams to Super Bowl titles? Will Richard Sherman be able to back up all his talk against the vaunted Bronco’s receiving core? Will the Seahawks be able to win their first Super Bowl? The Farmer’s Almanac had originally predicted a blizzard for Super Bowl Sunday, but the latest forecasts project a cold and dry day with minimal wind gusts. I believe this will play into the Broncos’ favor, and will allow them to proceed with their game plan as normal. Another distinct advantage that they have is Manning has been on this stage before, and Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson has not. The Seahawk’s run game has been an obvious strength all season, but the Bronco’s run defense has been adequate all year. While I do not expect them to shut down Marshawn Lynch and company, I do not expect them to run wild either. It appears as if Percy Harvin will return for this one, but how much and how well he plays is an unknown; remember, he had one reception during the entire regular season. Taking everything into account, I am unsure as to how consistently the Seattle offense will be able to move the ball. I am much more confident in Denver’s abilities, however. The fact that the Bronco’s have had two weeks to prepare for the Seattle defense and exploit their weaknesses, in addition to Sherman (in my opinion very unwisely) making comments about Manning and his throwing of “ducks”, has me believing that they will be as fully prepared and motivated as necessary coming into this one. Manning has consistently been called the best regular season quarterback of all-time; I have to believe that he is very, very tired of that backhanded compliment. He is well aware that he can go a long way in eradicating that with another big win. I think he gets it! Lay the points here. I think Denver wins by 10. Have a marvelous and enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

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