Five For Your Fix: NFL Week 7

Guess Who’s Back

It has certainly been a while since I have posted on here, and as some of you may know, I have been very committed to advancing things at Not only do I hope you are enjoying the content, but also hope you have been listening to my weekly Fantasy Football podcast (check them out below):


Anyways, enough about that. I wanted to post some picks for this week, and felt this would be the most appropriate place. So here are five games for your NFL Week 7:

1. Atlanta at Baltimore (Ravens -6.5)

Both teams are about even in the passing game, but the Ravens are far more advanced on the ground. They not only move the chains better, but hold opposing running attacks in check better as well. The disparity in this department is enough to cover a touchdown for the Ravens, and the Falcons will remain winless on the road in 2014.

2. Miami at Chicago (Dolphins +3)

Soldier Field has yet to provide an advantage for Da Bears, as they currently sit at 0-2 at home. Much has been made of the Dolphins losing Knowshon Moreno for the season, but they have been steady running the ball with or without him. The outcome should be close, and may even go in Chicago’s favor, but I still like Miami to cover. Personally, I would buy a half point just in case it is a last minute field goal deciding this.

3. Seattle at St. Louis (Rams +6)

So long Percy, and it seems to be good riddance from the Seattle perspective. Ultimately, I think the move makes them a better team, and allows Russell Wilson to return to being the most versatile QB currently playing. But this trade just happened, and the team will not make enough adjustments in such a short span. The Rams have been competitive, get a home town boost, and will play well enough to keep this within the spread.

4. New Orleans at Detroit (Saints +2.5)

Drew Brees has won his last five straight games with the Saints after their Bye week. Matthew Stafford does not have his full compliment of weapons. Every win is needed, every week, but the Saints have to have this one. They will scratch and claw their way until the end. Another close battle, and another road team taking it.

5. Carolina at Green Bay (Packers -7)

I did sort these games in order of my preference, but this one could just as easily have been my game of the week. Carolina, led by Cam Newton, has been playing well, however not well enough to go into Lambeau and make it close. Aaron Rodgers should light up the Panthers secondary. I like them to cover the full touchdown, but once again, my personal preference is always to get off of a whole number – so buy a half point. Bring it down to 6.5, and smile when you won’t need it.

Good luck, and follow along on twitter if you have a question about a different game, or have any other Fantasy Football questions.

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