Five by Five: NFL Week 8

Two Weeks In a Row?

After going a perfect 5-0 last week I was almost tempted to never post any picks again, and retire with an unblemished record. However, that seemed too easy, and I am now more curious than ever to see if my new system actually works this well! There are no guarantees in anything, but after running through this week’s match ups, hopefully I can give you a better indication of what is to come. Since my expertise has developed into the Fantasy realm of Football, I have also provided some commentary to assist with your choices involving those teams. Check the write ups from last week to see if you think this could benefit you (click here for Week 7). Last but not least, check out my weekly Fantasy Football podcast if you’re the type who likes to listen to your sports information. This past week my guests were Brandon Salamat (@IDPwithBEE_DSE) and Ben Samuels (@Project_Roto700), who has become Level Up’s resident IDP guru. We got into the Bills new look backfield, the Seahawks receiving corps post-Percy, Week 8 Waiver targets, and an inside look at some defensive gems given the combined IDP knowledge of my two guests. I hope you find value, and entertainment, in these podcasts, and I look forward to having you become a part of the growing audience! Good luck in all of your NFL related Week 8 activities, and contact me on twitter with any specific questions.

Peoplez Picks for Week 8. Year to date record: 5-0 


1. Baltimore Ravens (+1) at Cincinnati Bengals, 1pm

A.J. Green may or may not play, but regardless, he will not be his usual All-Pro self. Cincinnati desperately needs this win, and generally plays well at home, but the Ravens are good. Really good. They’re stingy against the run, and their passing game is clicking on all cylinders right now. I like the Ravens to win by at least three points in this one.

2. Carolina Panthers (+4.5) vs Seattle Seahawks, 1pm

Is it possible that the Seahawks are an even better team now without Percy Harvin? Absolutely. However, they will still lose for the second straight time since trading him away. This game will be close, and probably higher scoring the the reputations of the Defenses would like, but in the end the home team will survive. The fact that they are getting so many points narrowly made this my number one game this week.

3. Atlanta Falcons (+3.5) vs Detroit Lions, 9:30am London

Take the best Defense and put them against one of the worst Defenses, and nine times out of ten you would get a blowout. Move the game to London, and all bets are off. Atlanta hasn’t been doing much to inspire confidence of late, but they have the horses to run with the Lions. Did you really expect the Saints to come so close to a victory in the Motor City last week? 

4. New Orleans Saints (-1) vs Green Bay Packers, 8:30pm #SNF

Speaking of the Saints, does anyone need a win more than they do right now to remain in the playoff hunt? NFC South ineptitude aside, Drew Brees is the kind of guy you put your money on. New Orleans is always good at home, and even more so in national games. The surprising rushing attack of the Saints should march all over the Pack in this one. All the way to a victory.

5. San Diego Chargers (+8) at Denver Broncos, 8:30pm #TNF

The AFC Divisional Championship rematch starts in Denver. The same place the Chargers won at during their run to the playoffs in 2013. In three head to head contests last season, the average margin of victory was 7.3 points, and favored the Broncos two games to one. An 8 point spread is slightly too large for these two rivals. After some disappointing Thursday Night games to open the year, this one should follow the trend the Patriots and Jets set last week: Competitive. 

*Bonus Minnesota Vikings (+3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1pm

When looking at what these two teams do well, and what they do not so well, I couldn’t resist including them in this week’s picks. The Vikings have been great running the ball, while the Bucs have been awful at trying to stop it. I expect this to continue, as well as potential new career highs for the rookie Teddy Bridgewater. I like Minnesota to win, making the points a bonus, thus making this my bonus game.

Once again, good luck this week! If you have any specific questions regarding anything NFL related, find me on twitter where they will all be answered. Thanks!

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