5 x 5: NFL Week 10

En Fuego!

Are you ready for the greatest handicapping you have ever seen in your life! No seriously, even being modest it is hard to dispute the results of how this system is working. Take away the last two Thursday Night games, and the record is nearly flawless. Blah, #TNF I am done with you! 5-0, 4-2, and 4-2 in consecutive weeks is worth sitting up in your chair for. So let’s leave the early one off the docket, and get back to the unblemished marks. Below, you will find my Five worth your time for the NFL’s Week 10. But first…

This week’s Fantasy Football podcast is more than likely my best one to date. If you have never listened before, I would greatly appreciate you giving this one a try. I was joined by Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom) of FootballGuys.com, who is truly one of the most widely respected voices in the game. You may be unfamiliar with the name, but undoubtedly you have heard of ESPN’s Matthew Berry, and let us just say they are on the same plane. That is not hyperbole, it is fact. If you don’t believe me, just listen to the first five minutes. We got into his personal life, and how sports encompass so many of our daily routines, and then we got into Waiver adds and buy low targets for this week in fantasy. Hope you find it entertaining, and enjoyable. Good luck this week!

Season Record: 13-4

1.) Oakland Raiders (+12) vs Denver Broncos, 4:05pm

Did we learn anything from watching the Raiders in Seattle last week? Derek Carr is the real deal. In fact, he very possibly will go down as the best QB of this rookie class. Not only does he look more and more comfortable each week, but he is a fighter. The Raiders had every reason to throw in the towel last week in a torrential downpour and falling behind big. And they continued to challenge, and showed some character. No, I do not think this is where they get their first win of the season. However, I don’t expect them to roll over and play dead either. 12 points at home is far too generous.

2.) Buffalo Bills (+2.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs, 1:00pm

The Bills are one of the most exciting teams in all of the NFL right now. This may have been forgotten as they sat out this past week on their Bye. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting. Kyle Orton is a bonafide veteran, Sammy Watkins is separating himself as the best rookie WR, and the Bills Defense is in the upper half of the league. All of these checks in the plus column, and add to that the home field advantage Orchard Park provides. I like the Bills to win this game outright, so getting points is music to my ears. Relax Buffalonians, not Music City.  

3.) Miami Dolphins (+6) at Detroit, 1:00pm

This is potentially the game of the week, and the one I am most looking forward to watching. The Dolphins have already lost Knowshon Moreno for the season, and now may be without his backup Lamar Miller. This can be a huge factor, especially considering how tough Detroit’s D has been. I’m not worried in the least. For as much as people think the Phin’s have been grounding things out, their success has come from the continued improvement of Ryan Tannehill. Megatron may or may not be back, but either way the Defenses will make their marks in this one. I’m not too sure which team will be the victor, but I highly doubt it will be by a wide margin.

4.) Jacksonville Jaguars (+7) vs Dallas, 1:00pm *London

Yet another game this season overseas in London. Why couldn’t this one start at 9:30am?!? That I actually enjoyed waking up for. Regardless, the Jaguars are not the laughing stock their name still hints to. They have talented youth, and they have a plan. They also have a rugged Defense who will be taking on either a gimpy Tony Romo, or an ineffective Brandon Weeden. Both menu choices must have them salivating. DeMarco Murray should get back over the century mark, but the Cardinals exposed the Cowboys last weekend, and the vulnerabilities are still there. This has upset written all over it. 

5.) Philadelphia Eagles (-6) vs Carolina, 8:30pm #MNF

Everything non-football related, that contributed to Mark Sanchez becoming ridiculed, masks the truth. The man is a good Quarterback. I pause at great, but I will up it to a very good QB. Even the great Sigmund Bloom thinks Sanchez is a better option than Nick Foles (you really must listen to this podcast!). I’ll be the first to admit, I have no idea what to make of the Panthers this season. Their defense has looked porous; their receiving has been above average; and their rushing attack has been abysmal. Basically, they have been the opposite of everything we expected them to be. The one person who is capable of carrying them, Cam Newton, has looked lost at times. It has to make you wonder if the rib thing ever really went away. I don’t see this being the statement game for Carolina, although I wouldn’t be shocked if they show up on a Monday Night. That being said, I thought the same was true when they were at home last Thursday. In Mark I trust!

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