5 x 5: NFL Week 11

No Bueno ūüė¶

It figures, and doesn’t surprise me at all. The Universe has a built in “heat check” to keep you humble. Just as things were beginning to roll, and I boldly proclaimed ‘the greatest handicapping you have ever seen in your life’, the wheels fell off. Is 2-3 awful? No, not entirely. But it is very distant from ‘greatest ever’ and the success that was being enjoyed. Sure, I could use excuses like Ron Parker stripping Bryce Brown at the goal line, or Denard Robinson fumbling in the red zone, but that would be too easy. Those two events alone could have drastically changed the outcomes in Week 10. Life spoke; we put those games behind us; and now we move on. I have made two minor adjustments to my model, so lets get ready to jump back in the plus column this week. On the podcast/Fantasy Football front…

I was joined by Josh Moore (@4for4_Josh), who owns 4for4.com. They are a subscription based service, that provide a slew of options for their customers, including some of the most respected, and time proven accurate rankings that exist in the industry. Josh has bounced around from Michigan to North Carolina, and we talked about his journey and how it led to his place in life. We then got into some player evaluations heading into Week 11’s Waiver Wire. If you have enjoyed previous episodes, this is no different. If you have yet to listen to the weekly podcast, this is a great place to start. Learn some background on the biggest names and resources in the Fantasy Football world, and then get some useful knowledge from them to apply to your teams. It is a win-win for everyone! Good luck this week!

Season Record: 15-7

1.) New York Giants (+4) vs San Francisco, 1:00pm

True, the Giants have lost four straight games. Three of those were on the road, and one was against a potent Colts offense. It’s not that the G-Men are some great team at home,¬†they own a 2-2 record in Jersey, but they will¬†benefit from some home cooking… depending on what team shows up of course. They have either been blown out, or have blown teams out; there is no in between. The Niners need to keep winning to revive their season, and looked to have turned¬†the corner last week on the road in New Orleans. And then they lost their Defensive anchor Patrick Willis for the year. This team is vulnerable, and has not been¬†the tough nosed, scrappy group we have grown¬†accustomed to the past few seasons. Big Blue has a golden opportunity to take¬†advantage this week.¬†

2.) Tennessee Titans (+6) vs Pittsburgh Steelers, 8:30pm #MNF

The Titans have lost their last two games by a two touchdown margin in each. Three words: Mettenberger Monday Magic! Ok, maybe I have drank a little too much of the Kool-Aid, but the rookie will not be¬†intimidated by the lights on his first national game. If Big Ben¬†couldn’t scorch the lowly Jets secondary, maybe he has truly returned to earth. The Steelers probably win when it’s over, but it should be a close one.¬†

3.) Green Bay Packers (-6) vs Philadelphia Eagles, 4:25pm

The return of the Sanchize was personally fulfilling, but it is now in the rear view mirror. Green Bay is good… really good. And at home, they are even better. Aaron Rodgers can do whatever he wants on offense, and will continue to put up Tecmo Bowl like results. The Eagles might claw their way to respectability for a period of time, but not long enough to make a game out of it.¬†

4.) St. Louis Rams (+9.5) vs Denver Broncos, 1:00pm

Another up and down team, the Rams should be up to the challenge Peyton provides. St. Louis’ Defense has been playing closer to what we expected heading into this season, and¬†they have helped the offense remain¬†competitive. This margin is way too much to give, especially at home, and I expect it to be a tight contest. ¬† ¬†

5.) New Orleans Saints (-7) vs Cincinnati Bengals, 1:00pm

This has clearly been a lost season for the Bengals. Injuries have been the biggest contributor to their demise, but not it has seemed to creep into Andy Dalton’s head. I do think he is¬†resilient enough to shake it off, and I also believe you will never see a worse game from him in his career. The Saints are also struggling to find their identity this season,¬†although they have Jimmy Graham back to looking healthy. They are also a¬†much better team at home, and will use a victory to get their record back to .500.¬†

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